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New York REV Initiative Challenges

  1. Acquiring a decision process that recognizes the big picture –many stake holders/perspectives, complex issues and interrelationships and unpredictable developments
  2. Achieving flexible goals in an industry accustomed to deterministic planning
  3. Promoting innovation while maintaining reliability
  4. Facilitating cultural change:
    • Utility companies: committing capital & compliance → capital efficiency & creating markets/serving third party providers
    • Consumers: passive & distrustful → engaged & entrepreneurial
    • Third parties: technology focus & utility is enemy → solution focus & utility is partner
    • Government: funding specific products & static ideas → funding system wide benefits & dynamic/flexible/anticipatory ideas
  5. Offering subsidies/assistance that lead to commercially-viable products
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Attended NY REV Initiative Meeting – Moving from Pilots to Deployment

Quotes from Richard Kauffman, Chairman of Energy & Finance for New York (Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)
Chair of the NYSERDA Board:

“We’re moving from pilots to deployment.”

“The objective of the REV Initiative is to build a network hybrid system that gives customers more choice, a system which is more valuable and cleaner.”

“If we want systemic change we need to look at the whole…cultural issues, role of third parties, data, retail market deployment and how customers feel.  Customers should be first. ”

“Electricity has turned out to be more than lighting…today third parties may offer appliances as a service, entertainment services, electric vehicle transportation or home healthcare.”

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