Financial Policy Analysis

At Rothschild Financial Consulting, we collaborate with each respective client to answer the following questions:

Once policy goals have been established and prioritized, what financial mechanisms and procurement processes can be used to attract investment, drive economic growth, and deliver energy to consumers as cheaply as possible in the short and long-term, aligning the interests of consumers, investors, and policy-makers?

How and when can market-based mechanisms be best used to attract investment capital for renewable generation?

Which transmission financial incentives would mitigate investment risk?

What role do quasi-public state agencies play in managing the resource planning process, including managing the interconnection queue of renewable generation and the provision of equity to bid on the implementation of green energy delivery technologies?

We are neutral regarding the degree that clean energy should be promoted for any reason. However, we offer solutions that will enable policy makers to enact initiatives as efficiently as possible, and with the highest degree of flexibility and control. We strive to keep the Cost of Capital as reasonable and just as possible for energy consumers by balancing investor and consumer interests. Beyond renewable energy financing, our expertise extends to financing for utilities, including determining the Cost of Capital that should be applied to regulated utilities, deciding when market-based mechanisms should be utilized, and counseling long-term resource planning decisions and ensuring their optimal funding.