Expertise Insight Exchange Consulting

We work as an independent consultancy to help experts leverage their experience to expand insights by asking questions as an informed outsider and conducting research and analysis that experts do not have the time to do in their day-to-day work. Our experience includes business development for a major American Telecommunications company in Japan, inventor of a patent pending renewable electricity procurement method and contract auction market, rate of return expert witness testimony in utility rate case proceedings and extensive ongoing research on characteristics of expertise, insights and bias.

Maximizing the effectiveness and reach of our expertise often requires a fresh perspective. It requires finding opportunities to explore ideas from the outside of one’s regular circles that are relevant enough to be of value but divergent enough to be something new. It requires working with someone who is knowledgeable enough to understand your business and build an effective exchange but distant enough to be outside of the established thought processes of your domain.

Our method involves an initial in-depth interview to identify a goal or assess a specific opportunity or concern.  Based on our discussion we perform an analysis (based on “first principles”, cross domain mining, counter factual thought experiments and identifying uncertainty) to be discussed in a follow-up interview or series of interviews depending on the assignment.


Aaron Rothschild

phone:203 894 1028