Rothschild Financial Consulting provides the following services:

Expert Witness Testimonies;
Independent financial analyses;
Creative solutions to issues that overlap the financial, technology and policy aspects;

Rothschild Financial provides expert testimonies for U.S. government offices and consumer advocate groups in support of utility rate regulation, including financial modeling and cross examination.

Since 1985, we have testified in more than 400 regulatory cases throughout the U.S. and Canada on cost of capital, rate of return, accounting, and other financial issues. Our clients are utility commissioners, consumer advocacy groups, and other organizations that require cost of capital expertise and testimony.

Our analyses assesses financial markets and considers the entire rate-making process, determining the cost of capital that aligns investment return with risk. Our research focuses on strategies that drive innovative solutions to society’s energy needs.

We understand the challenges of stimulating innovation in the energy sector. Well-intentioned policy makers want to spur production but often have conflicting goals. Legislators may prioritize job growth, while utility commissioners have a mandate to lower energy costs. At Rothschild Financial, we strive to find common ground.

We design financial mechanisms and procurement processes that attract investment, promote job growth, and deliver lower-cost energy. Because in the end, it is not just about what we pay for energy, it is also about promoting the economy, spurring innovation, and providing long-term energy security.