Energy. Innovation. Expertise.

At Rothschild Financial, we provide services including Cost of Capital testimony, Financial Policy Analysis, and Innovation Policy Analysis. For a regulated utility, the Cost of Capital must be calculated accurately to allocate capital optimally and balance the interests of all parties. The Cost of Capital must be just and reasonable. We know that new technologies and creative opportunities most often emerge when market conditions are right. That is why we believe individuals and institutions must think strategically about creating the optimal environment that will nurture, support, and sustain innovative thinking. Rothschild Financial designs strategies that will attract the capital needed to drive innovation efficiently, and effectively over the long run.

There is a growing effort in the U.S. to increase renewable energy production for a variety of policy goals, including protecting the environment, job growth, and supporting emerging technologies. However, it can be difficult to align the goals of the respective parties involved in policy-making. While legislators have work to promote local job growth, utility commissions have a mandate to provide energy at the lowest cost. Having the right financial incentives and mechanisms in place can ensure that the goals of all constituents are synchronized and realized to the greatest degree possible. We propose and collaborate to find creative solutions that align interests.

Driving innovation and balancing the interests of investors is complex. The opportunity to earn sufficient returns is integral in attracting capital to compensate investors for the higher risks associated with innovation. When resource allocation and allowed returns are based on accurate assessments of market conditions, capital is allocated efficiently, operations are run well, consumer and investor interests are aligned, and innovation and creative development is fostered.

Furnishing Cost of Capital expert testimony in utility regulation cases.
Designing financial mechanisms with built-in incentives for innovation.
Conducting and contributing to economic analysis and research on public policy issues.
Fostering the growth, development, and implementation of alternative energies.